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By now, everyone should know what a concrete deck is.

It’s essentially a deck of stacked concrete blocks, and a lot of the time it’s used for foundations or to make walls for homes.

But a lot more concrete is also made from cement, which is why a lot can go wrong with concrete construction.

But how safe is concrete construction in general?

To answer that question, we took a look at data collected by the U.S. National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and used it to compile a list of the safest concrete deck construction methods.

If you’re wondering why we took the data, that’s because it was used to determine how many times a concrete slab would need to be removed and replaced per year in order to ensure the building material remains structurally sound.

The result?

We came up with a list with the most dangerous concrete deck building methods, based on the number of times a cement slab needs to be installed, replaced, and repaired in order for the concrete to be deemed safe.

We then calculated the risk of the building materials being compromised, or damaged.

The results?

The safest concrete concrete deck methods were found to be the following: 1.

Pile concrete in concrete joists.

This method requires the removal of the joists and replacing them with piles of concrete.


Plaster concrete.

This concrete is typically used to make roofing tiles and is generally more stable than concrete.


Wall concrete.

Wallcrete is the most common concrete building material used for walls.


Deck concrete.

The easiest way to build concrete decks is to use concrete blocks.


Stone concrete.

While the use of concrete is generally the safest method of building, you still should be careful with the amount of concrete you use.

The more concrete you put in a concrete wall, the more prone it is to cracking and cracking apart.



The hardest concrete building materials are usually brick.

However, if you use brick, it should be installed on the foundation of the house first.


Plumber’s mortar.

This is the hardest concrete type of concrete, but it’s also the most stable.

When used properly, it can be used to build the exterior of a building.



If the building is being used for residential or commercial purposes, it’s best to avoid this concrete type.


Stone brick.

This type of brick is more expensive to make, but can be more stable and resistant to cracking.



Wood can be an attractive building material, but there are drawbacks to it.

It can be prone to cracking, and it doesn’t provide the stability and strength of concrete as a concrete.

In addition, it takes a lot longer to fill a building than concrete, so it can’t be used for interior floors.



Slate is another popular concrete building type, but this one’s not safe for home use.

It comes in a variety of colors and materials.


Concrete slab.

This slab is basically a slab of concrete blocks stacked on top of each other.

This allows you to build structures up the sides and corners of a home, such as a garage.


Wood frame concrete.

Unlike concrete, wood framing concrete can be built with a solid brick foundation.

But, because it’s generally used to construct a building’s exterior, it requires additional steps to be completed before it can safely be installed.


Piles of concrete slabs.

While they are the most popular concrete construction method, the use and maintenance of these slabs can be tricky.

It takes extra care to properly set and remove them.



Sand is usually used for exterior building materials, such a windows or doors.

It also comes in different sizes and shapes.

But sand is also a common material used in foundations and walls, and is considered to be more durable than concrete or brick.



This cement is also used in construction, but unlike concrete, it is considered more stable.

However with some special construction techniques, it could crack, and be prone, to failure.



This hard, durable, and stable material is often used in the construction of brick and concrete.

But because it requires more time to construct and can be unstable, it shouldn’t be considered for interior walls.


Conical slabs that are attached to concrete blocks that are built on top.

These types of slabs are the safest of the concrete building methods.


Stone slabs attached to a brick foundation that are bolted to the foundation.

This kind of slab is considered the safest construction method because it doesn

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