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The cement floor is a tough thing to clean.

It can take a long time to dry, it can have some nasty odors and it is usually covered in mold.

But thanks to a new concrete floor cleaning process, it is getting easier.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health and the University of Missouri School of Engineering have developed a new method that could help clean concrete floors by using water to dissolve the cement.

This could help reduce the amount of cement left on concrete floors, which can lead to issues like mold and the formation of water-filled mold bubbles.

The scientists say that their new method could save thousands of gallons of concrete every day and that it could also reduce the environmental impact of cement by eliminating the need for runoff from nearby water systems.

“Cement floors are one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions,” said lead researcher Dr. John F. Bouchard.

“They also contribute to a lot of water use in the US, as well as the pollution of nearby rivers and lakes.”

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, concrete floors produce around 2 billion gallons of CO 2 per year.

This is roughly equal to the total amount of CO gas that was emitted from the United States in 2015.

But because concrete floors can have several layers, the amount that can be emitted per layer can vary from one project to another.

For this study, researchers wanted to see if they could apply this method to reduce the emissions of CO gases by using a new chemical called carbonate nanotubes (CNNTs).

The researchers then looked at how the chemical works and found that the chemical reacts with the cement to dissolve it.

When the researchers used this chemical, they were able to reduce CO emissions by between 100 to 400 times compared to using a traditional process.

The researchers say the new method also had a number of other advantages.

“The process is inexpensive, and we’re able to do it in a fairly short period of time,” said study co-author Dr. David R. Dixson, an assistant professor in the College of Engineering.

“In addition, the material used is porous, which means that it can be readily cleaned and reused.”

According the U of M, concrete floor cleaners like these can be used for years and they can even be reused.

The chemical is also a low-cost alternative to other materials like cement or concrete that can have significant environmental impacts.

This method could also save lives.

Researchers found that using CNNTs to clean concrete can save lives in the United Kingdom and in Germany, which together have the highest CO2 emission rates in the world.

In both countries, there is an increasing concern about CO2 pollution and the potential impact of climate change.

This research is part of a broader effort by researchers at the University at Buffalo to understand the effects of climate-related events on the Earth’s climate.

The project is part for the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Research Resources, the Department of Energy, the U-M College of Science, the Office of the Under Secretary for Science and Technology, the American Physical Society and the UMB.

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