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A few weeks ago, the world woke up to news of the home office taking over the home building department, effectively replacing the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

But it’s not only the home offices that are being taken over by the government; the federal government is also moving into the space to handle everything from emergency medical care to transportation.

What’s more, the federal workforce is being consolidated to make room for the new department.

What are some of the key changes?

The federal government announced last month that it was consolidating its federal workforce and departments into three new divisions: the Departments of Agriculture, Commerce, and Housing and Community Development.

The three departments are expected to become a single, unified government, with the Agriculture Department taking on the responsibilities of Agriculture and the Commerce Department handling the Transportation Department.

The two departments will each have separate departments and offices.

The Commerce Department, meanwhile, will be headed by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, while the Transportation and Housing departments will be led by Secretary Ben Carson.

The Department of Homeland Security, meanwhile will now be headed in by Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke.

The move to consolidate these three agencies follows a reorganization of the Department Of Justice in March that took place to save $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years.

While the move to consolidating the federal agencies is a significant change, what’s less clear is whether this consolidation will be permanent.

“The departments of Agriculture , Commerce, Housing and [HUD] will be part of the consolidated department structure for the next several years,” explains the Department, “so we will not see the reorganization in effect for the remainder of the administration.”

The Department confirmed the change to Reuters.

“We are confident that with this consolidation, our mission, priorities, and goals will align with the Government Accountability Office’s recommendations and recommendations of the Government Oversight and Government Reform Committee,” the department said in a statement.

What the consolidation means for you?

Here’s what you need in order to know what to expect from the government as it consolidates.

Department of Agriculture: Agriculture will be split into three divisions: Agriculture, Food, and Agricultural Research.

Agriculture will continue to handle the bulk of its budget while the Food, Agriculture, and Related Agencies (FARAs) will be run by the Department and will be responsible for the bulk and value of the food and agricultural products in the U.S. Department and its FARA will be in charge of all domestic food imports and exports, while FARAs will handle all international food imports.

Department Food, Agricultural, and Research: The Department Food and Agricultural, Agricultural Research, and Nutrition (DFARS) will remain in charge.

It will also continue to support the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), which will be overseen by the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture.

Food Safety: The Food Safety Service (FSS) will continue as an independent federal agency with its own inspectors and investigations, but will have its own staff and resources.

The FSS will be charged with protecting the nation’s food supply from adulteration and contamination.

FSIS will also be responsible to ensure the safe and appropriate storage and use of all food produced for human consumption.

Department for Food and Agriculture and Related Agriculture Agencies: The Office of Food and Nutrition and the Department for Nutrition will continue in separate agencies with their own departments and operations.

They will also have their own staffs and offices, but the Department Food will continue under the USDA and the Food and Nutritional Products Directorate under the Food Research and Development Center (FRDC) at the University of Nebraska.

Department Agriculture, Agriculture and Agencies of Health and Human Services: The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will work under the Department on the production and distribution of agricultural products and services.

USDA will also work under AMS to provide advice to USDA on food safety, crop protection, and environmental sustainability.

USDA’s Office of Agriculture is responsible for coordinating USDA’s agricultural activities and the oversight of the Agency’s programs.

The Office for Nutrition is responsible under USDA’s Agriculture and Food Safety Act for administering food safety and food safety-related programs, including food safety training for employees.

Department Health and Nutrition Services: USDA will continue working with the Department Health Services, which will have a major role in the nutrition program for the general public.

The USDA will be a lead agency in the Health Services Administration (HSSA), which oversees the federal health programs and programs for people with chronic conditions, including diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease.

The HSSA will also play a role in health care and public health services, with oversight of Medicaid and Medicare.

Department Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service: The Animal and Pest Health Inspection Services (APHIS), the Environmental Health Inspection (EHI), and the Environmental Quality and Standards Administration (ESSA) will stay in their current offices.

USDA Animal and Animal Product Inspection Service; USDA Animal Health Inspection Branch (AHIB) and USDA Animal Product Standards Branch (APSB) will also

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