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The cost of raising a family in America is escalating.

The average cost of childcare is now $6,500 per child.

It’s $8,000 for a family of five and $10,000 per child under 5.

That’s up an average of 5.5 percent over the past two years, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

And the cost of college education is increasing faster than ever.

It is now expected to increase $1,000 a year per person by 2025.

The cost is expected to rise further in 2027, the report said.

“The number of children being raised by single parents and single parents living with other single parents, the increase in the cost for both single parents raising children and for single parents with children living in the same home, all add up to an increased cost for taxpayers,” said Jason Furman, a professor at the University of Southern California.

Furman told Politico that he believes the federal government should take action to raise the cost on those who choose to have a child out of wedlock.

“I think it’s really hard to raise these sorts of prices unless the government takes a look at what’s going on,” he said.

While Furman thinks that Congress should raise the price on these expenses, he’s not convinced that it should.

“It’s hard to have an argument for raising costs to these rates when the people who have to pay those costs are people who are getting an education, and so I’m not convinced Congress should be raising these costs on these people,” he told Politico.

Fursman and his colleague Ryan M. Willey, a researcher at the Urban Institute, have released their report “The Cost of College and the Rise of the Childless Generation” in March.

They examined the costs of childcare, college, college tuition and a number of other things, including housing and medical care.

“There’s a lot of information that people have about the costs,” Furman told PolitiFact.

“But I think it would be very hard to get a good sense of the cost without going through the cost.

If you did, you’d probably conclude that it’s a small fraction of what’s being spent on the school system, which is the case.”

As of 2015, a full 20 percent of American households had an unmet need for child care.

That number is expected for 2020, and it’s expected to be higher by 2020 than the current rate, according a report from Avalere Health.

According to Furman and Willey’s report, the cost per child increased by $5,300 in 2020 compared to 2014.

The report noted that the cost increased by an average $3,500 a year over the last two years.

And it said the cost grew by $2,500 in 2026.

The cost of a child has grown by an estimated 3.2 percent per year since 2014.

That rate is expected only to increase by about 1.2 percentage points over the next three years.

Furry added that the growing cost of child care is a major factor behind rising child poverty.

He said that even as more parents choose to raise children out of marriage, the country is still far from having enough children to meet that demand.

“In many states, even when the need is high, the amount of children to take care of has not kept up with the number of parents,” Furmen said.

“There’s always going to be a demand for children, but there’s not enough children available to meet the demand.”

The cost to support a child in poverty has grown at an average rate of 2.4 percent per child in recent decades, according an Avalere study published in November.

“When the rate of increases is that high, there’s going to come a point when the costs start to become too high,” Furmans said.

But he said that the rising cost of care doesn’t mean that more children will have to be born out of poverty.

“If you look at the cost to provide the basic services, and to pay for healthcare, and all those things, there are always people who want to go back to a lower income level, and you can always make up the cost,” Furingsaid.

“So you don’t necessarily have to go to higher costs.”

But Furman said that it doesn’t have to come out of the pockets of those who need help the most.

“We’re going to need people who can take care for their children if they don’t have children,” Furmer said.

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