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New York magazine asks: What if, for whatever reason, you can only see a single color?

For example, if you’re watching a film in which a character wears the same clothes and is standing in the same room, you might be able to see the different colors.

This is called “chromatic aberration.”

If you can see only one color in a scene, you’re seeing a two-dimensional image.

But if you see more than one color at once, you have “spectral vision,” a kind of visual perception that doesn’t require your eyes to move.

Spectral vision is what lets you see the details of an object without moving your eyes.

In a recent study published in Science, the researchers, led by Mark Shuster of the University of New Mexico, showed that subjects who could only see one color of light in the scene could still perceive a single line of color in the film.

“It’s one of the first examples of spectral vision,” Shuster told Scientific American.

Spectra are created by the way light interacts with molecules in the retina, which is a layer of nerve cells in the back of your eye.

So, when you look at a single object, your brain creates a series of signals that are sent to your optic nerve.

These signals tell the optic nerve to send an image to your visual cortex.

The brain then processes these images as if you were looking at a black-and-white photo of the object.

This technique allows scientists to test for what’s called “spectra error,” which is when your brain doesn’t detect one color that you were expecting.

It’s not uncommon for people to see a blue sky in a dark room, or a black stripe in a white-striped sky, for example.

If you’re experiencing this problem, it’s best to take your glasses off and look at the scene.

But you can also try the “spectrum” test again and again, and if the problem persists, ask your doctor to check your eyes and see if the difference between your vision and what you thought you saw is caused by spectral vision.

If the difference is small, spectra errors are likely to be subtle and, in fact, may be less than the eye can detect.

If your vision is too blurry or your vision doesn’t change much, spectres may be the only thing that’s causing the problem.

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