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A new indoor concrete paint product that uses a porous coating could help improve soil health in buildings and other indoor spaces.

The new product, called Pico-Creme, is made by Glucon, a San Diego-based maker of indoor concrete paints.

The company said it has been working on the new product for a few years and has been testing it for more than two years.

“We’re really excited to be launching this product,” said Kevin Fucale, Gluman’s director of product marketing.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in the number of homeowners who are looking for a solution for reducing soil erosion.”

Glucon uses a unique porous polymer coating on the surface of its product, making it extremely resistant to moisture, moisture intrusion and acidity.

The material is made from organic, plant-based ingredients.

It can also be used as an inert coating on wood, concrete, steel, metal and glass.

“It can absorb moisture and create a strong surface that resists both acids and alkalis, and that’s important because if the soil does get into the building, then that soil is not going to be good for the plants that produce food and those plants will be the ones that will be in the long run,” Fucales said.

The company says that it has tested the product in indoor and outdoor environments in North Carolina, Georgia and Missouri.

Gluon says that the product can be used indoors, outdoor or both.

Gluon has already begun testing the product with homes in North America, including California, California and Massachusetts.

The product is expected to be available by mid-November.

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