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POLITICO Florida: Trump campaign pledges to pay for wall with money from private foundations article TRUMP, Fla.

— Donald Trump’s campaign on Wednesday vowed to pay the Mexican government $4 billion for the construction of a $2.7 billion border wall, a plan Trump promised would be a major victory in his campaign’s bid to wrest back the White House from Hillary Clinton.

The Republican presidential nominee told a Florida crowd that the plan would be paid for with $4.5 billion from the federal government’s Supplemental Security Income program and would be financed by private foundations.

“I’m going to do it.

I promise you,” Trump said.

“It will be paid, and you’re going to see the money.”

The billionaire businessman also promised to build a wall on the southern border and use $1 trillion in federal funds to build it in stages, rather than one giant, wall.

He added that he would not wait until the election to build the wall because “we are going to win this race.”

The $2 billion cost of the border wall was first reported by The Washington Post.

Trump’s comments came a day after he unveiled a list of donors he had secured to support the wall, but not a concrete plan for how it would be constructed.

Trump also said he would seek to use the $1.9 trillion stimulus spending package he pushed through Congress to cover the costs of the wall.

The legislation, which he promised would pay for the wall in the next fiscal year, expires on Sept. 30, so Trump has until December to get his plan into law.

Trump, who has previously suggested Mexico would not pay for his proposed wall, was asked by reporters in Florida whether he would still push for a border wall at a later date.

“No,” he said.

Trump did not mention the idea of using the $4 trillion in spending that Congress approved in September to fund the wall during his remarks, which also focused largely on his proposal to overhaul the tax code.

He has said the border barrier could cost between $2,000 and $3,000 per mile.

He said it would cost “between $100,000 to $200,000.”

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