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A new feature in Google Home lets you make your room more colorful by adjusting the colors on your walls, floors, and even ceilings.

The feature is called “Color Your Home,” and it will make your walls more colorful with a variety of color presets.

Google Home users will be able to select from two presets, which include white and yellow, and it is the first time that Google has enabled its users to choose a color to use when designing their home.

Here’s how to enable this new feature, and if you’re still having trouble, check out this tutorial on how to create a white wall color.

If you’ve never enabled the feature, you can see how to do it here:

Here’s what Google Home has to offer to make the color changes:Google Home’s color settings are very easy to use.

Simply tap on the color picker icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen and then select the color preset you want to adjust.

For example, you may want to choose “Green” as your default color, and then change the “Color” slider to “Light.”

Once you’ve set your color to the preset you wish to use, you’re ready to begin.

Select “Color Settings” and you’ll be prompted to select the desired color.

You can then adjust the colors in real-time.

Once you’re happy with the color of your room, simply tap the “Set” button in the lower left corner to set your home as your primary color.

Here are the colors you can adjust:

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