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If you’re a contractor or architect, you probably have at least one concrete estimators at your disposal.

They are basically a tool to help you identify the best possible way to design a concrete solution for a building, but there’s also a lot of data that can be gleaned from using them.

To learn more about how they work, Recode has put together a video series that introduces the different types of concrete estimations and gives you an idea of what to look for when using them in your design.

The series also looks at how to make sure your estimators are up to date.


The Dimensional Concrete Method The dimensional method is a type of concrete solution that estimates the exact location and orientation of a concrete wall or floor.

The goal of the dimensional method, in general, is to get a specific concrete surface to a specific level, like a kitchen counter or a window.

The dimensions that are commonly used for this method are the actual dimension of the concrete floor (the depth of the floor), the dimension of a wall (the width of the wall), and the dimension for a ceiling (the height of the ceiling).

For example, if you’re designing a ceiling in a room with a ceiling height of 1 foot and a ceiling width of 6 inches, you can use the dimensional approach to estimate how far away a ceiling should be in order to create a safe area for children to play in. 2.

The Concrete Wall Method The concrete wall method is another method for estimating the location and orientations of concrete walls or floors.

The concrete walls method is the most common type of method for concrete floor design, and it’s a great method for determining where the floor meets the wall.

In this method, the concrete is measured by a concrete scale, and the height and width of a specific wall is determined by the depth of that wall.

The reason concrete walls are commonly utilized in concrete flooring is because they’re easier to install and maintain than the other methods.

For example: concrete walls tend to last a lot longer than the wall tiles, so they’re usually built to be as strong as possible.

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