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A concrete block that weighs 12 tons has been sliced into eight pieces, and a new technique is making it possible to cut it into even smaller pieces.

The technique, which has been demonstrated on a concrete slab in India, has helped to cut the concrete block even smaller and faster, by reducing the amount of time needed to complete a job, according to the paper.

The technique has also made it possible for smaller workers to do the work.

The first concrete block was cut using a saw, then the next, and so on, till the slab became a flat surface.

The cutting technique is based on the same principle as the way concrete is laid down.

In concrete, a grid of blocks called the surface is laid over a slab of concrete.

These blocks are made up of smaller pieces that are connected by glue.

These pieces are then cut and glued together in a process known as slabbing.

It is this process of slabbing that is used in the cutting of concrete blocks.

The process takes about 15 minutes, says Dr. Sanjeev Kaur, an associate professor of construction at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

In India, a single slab of cement is used to make the entire concrete block.

It is then loaded onto a truck and driven over a road.

When the truck is stopped in a designated spot, the truckers pull the slab of solid concrete and the truck drives the concrete slab along the road.

This process produces a very thin layer of concrete on the road, similar to what is needed to make a roof or other structure, says Kaur.

But unlike the construction industry, which relies on the concrete that is put in the concrete, it is the concrete itself that is the most expensive commodity in the industry.

A slab of 5.4 kilograms of concrete requires about 7 million metric tonnes of concrete to make.

In the same year, India is expected to spend about $8.7 billion on concrete, according a recent study by the Institute of Industrial Policy Studies.

The new method of slabbed cutting is not cheap.

According to a 2013 report from the United Nations Development Programme, it would cost around $1,000 per piece to cut an 8-kg block of concrete into eight individual pieces.

This would cost about $600 for a crew of four, according the report.

The problem, though, is that the concrete is not easily transported to the site, and the transport can take a long time.

“The concrete is the hardest thing in the world,” says Kaus.

The method used by the Indian researchers, however, has proven successful in a project that has already seen success.

In a pilot project, they have been able to cut concrete blocks into pieces of around 5 kilograms.

The results have been encouraging for India.

The Indian government has awarded a $1.5 million contract to Tata Advanced Projects for the pilot project.

And in the next two years, Tata Advanced has also signed a contract for the delivery of a $2.5 billion concrete project in Gujarat, where the researchers were based.

The paper in The Times describes the technique as being based on “slim-to-light” technology.

In this case, the researchers say the slab is placed at a height of 2 meters (7.6 feet), and a blade is then used to cut across the slab and pull the pieces back together.

The slab is then rolled into a flat and smooth surface.

The team claims this process is similar to the way that concrete is rolled.

In other words, the process involves a series of small, but fast, cuts.

This process makes it possible that the cutting process takes around 15 minutes.

In addition to reducing the time to cut, the technique also allows for larger pieces to be cut.

This makes it easier for larger concrete projects, like roads, to be built.

“We hope this will enable us to use the same technology for bigger projects,” said Dr. Kaur at the press conference.

“It is something that could be very useful in Gujarat.”

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