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A new Wall is not the only way to keep the country safe.

The Trump administration has proposed building barriers to the U.S.-Mexico border, and Congress is set to debate and vote on whether to renew President Barack Obama’s program to spend $1.6 trillion to build fencing along the border.

Here’s what you need to know about those projects.

The $1,600 barrier project is one of the first projects the Trump administration is proposing to build along the U-turn.

The U.N. agency tasked with overseeing the border will review the project, but officials say they expect to have a firm commitment in place by late spring.

The Wall is designed to keep illegal immigrants and people who are already here from crossing into the U, as well as to keep out criminals and terrorists.

What will it look like?

A wall along the Mexican border will be 20 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 30 feet high, with an average of 1.5 feet of fencing between it and the U’s side of the border, according to the administration.

The plan includes more than 5,000 miles of barrier, including sections to border crossings with Canada and the United Kingdom.

The goal is to keep undocumented immigrants from getting into the United States and deter them from returning.

In addition to the barrier, officials say the U will use the money for a program called Secure Communities, which helps deport undocumented immigrants who cross the border without authorization.

That program, which is funded by the federal government, is part of a broader border security plan the Trump team has been pushing.

A number of Republicans have called for scrapping the Secure Communities program, arguing it has become a magnet for drug trafficking and other criminal activity.

They’ve also called for a major overhaul of the U visa system.

That includes replacing the existing process for granting permanent residence and reclassifying immigrants for citizenship, as part of the bipartisan immigration reform package.

How is the U supposed to pay for the wall?

The wall will be funded through a combination of federal grants and fees, according the administration, as will other border security measures.

The administration also says it will set aside up to $20 billion for the project over the next 10 years.

Officials say the wall will cost between $1 million and $3 million per mile.

That will be the equivalent of about $15 to $50 per mile, according in the White House budget, but will depend on the size of the project.

The wall is expected to cost between 1 and 2 billion dollars, according a report from the Washington Post, but the government has not provided any estimates.

Where are the funds going?

The Trump plan includes $1 billion for border security, $500 million for the Border Patrol and $1 trillion for fencing, including 1.8 miles of fencing in the U itself, the administration said.

In total, $2.4 billion will go toward the project if Congress approves funding.

It is also expected to include a provision that would make permanent a program that grants temporary protection from deportation to immigrants who came to the United as children, something the administration has called a “deportation amnesty.”

It is unclear whether that program would be affected by the funding, as the White Street Journal noted that it was created under President George W. Bush, and has been used only sporadically.

What about the border?

Border security efforts will continue along the southern border, where border patrols have been operating since the 1990s, according President Donald Trump.

It has been the biggest funding source for border patrol in recent years, according its fiscal 2017 budget.

Border Patrol operations have been boosted under the Trump strategy, which includes hiring new agents and hiring more officers and equipment.

According to the report, the agency has doubled its budget since the start of the year.

The Border Patrol has already apprehended more than 1.4 million illegal immigrants, and is currently facing a backlog of 2.2 million.

What happens to people caught crossing the border illegally?

Illegal immigration is the biggest problem along the southwestern border.

The Associated Press estimated in May that there were more than 16 million illegal aliens living in the country.

Most are from Central America and Mexico, though some are from Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Central and South America.

In June, Border Patrol arrested 1,829 undocumented immigrants in a four-day span.

The AP said the Border Protection arrest was made in a checkpoint that opened at 2 a.m. in Arizona.

In September, Border patrol agents arrested 1.2 people in Arizona, while more than 4,400 were arrested in September 2016.

The Department of Homeland Security said in December that there had been 1,000 arrests in fiscal year 2017, up from 945 arrests in the same period in 2016.

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