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A simple Cactus Wall washes over the surface of a sandstone beach.

The top of the structure was constructed from concrete tube forms.

The sandstone was used to create the base of the concrete tube form, and the sandstone base is the foundation of the Cactus Tube form.

The concrete tube is the main support of the form.

The base of this form is the top of a solid slab of concrete, which is then sandwiched between a layer of sandstone and a layer on top of it.

The base of concrete tube was the first step.

I started with a 3/4-inch sandstone slab.

I used a few layers of sand, then some sandstone mortar, then a thin layer of clay and then a layer more clay.

Then I sprayed the sand to a dry sand color.

I then used a mortar and sanding pad to remove any dirt or debris.

Next I cut out a triangle, which I then sanded down with a coarse sanding knife to a thickness of 3/8-inch.

Next I sanded it down to a 2-inch thickness, then I poured a thick layer of concrete over it.

This was done with a mortar, sanding blade and sandpaper.

Next, I used my mortar to sand away the excess sand.

Then the mortar was used on top and the concrete was poured over it and covered it with a thick coat of cement.

After all of this sanding and coating was complete, I put the Cacti Tube on top.

Once it was all sanded and coated, I placed the top layer of cement on top, then the bottom layer of plastic sheeting, then an additional layer of vinyl tape.

Then it was time to install the concrete.

I took a 1-inch drill bit, drilled through the concrete and used the hole in the cement to push the concrete into the cement tube.

This was done in a circular motion, like a car bumping into a brick wall.

The drill bit had a very low profile, so it was very easy to drill through the cement.

After the cement was poured into the tube, I screwed the tube on and sealed it with cement tape.

You can see the final result in the video below.

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