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Posted September 15, 2019 07:17:57As part of its massive reconstruction program, the NSW Government has turned to concrete for the city’s iconic streetscape.

Key points:A concrete slab on the corner of Brunswick Street and St George Street has transformed a popular shopping precinct into an urban walkwayConcrete has become an integral part of Sydney streetscapeThe project, called Sydney’s New Roads, will see new concrete paving installed on the citywide streetscape from 2018, with the aim of making it safer, greener and easier for people to get aroundThe new road will connect Brunswick Street to the CBD’s new railway stations, and will be a “complete transformation of Brunswick’s old concrete streetscape”The city’s infrastructure department has been developing the project for a number of years, and has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the NSW government to complete the work.

The project will see the paving of concrete and asphalt on Brunswick Street in Sydney’s inner-west.

“We have seen a significant shift in the street’s character over the past two decades and the concrete will help to transform Brunswick Street,” a city spokesman said.

“This will allow pedestrians, cyclists and pedestrians on bikes to safely navigate Brunswick Street, and allow the pedestrian access to Brunswick Street from St George and Brunswick Streets.”

The project is part of a massive project to rebuild the CBD after the city announced it would build a new railway line through the city.

“Brunswick Street was a key artery for the CBD for more than 30 years, but this project will reconnect it to the rest of the city and provide the same experience as walking through Brunswick Street today,” Mr Dickson said.

The city also said the new concrete would be a significant improvement in terms of safety for pedestrians, bikes and cyclists.

The concrete slab will be installed at the corner between Brunswick Street on Brunswick and St Paul Streets.

The NSW Government said the project would create a new pedestrian and cycle route, as well as improving safety for cyclists.

“It will improve the quality of life for pedestrians and cyclists, with increased safety and convenience for the public and businesses,” Mr Wootton said.”[The new pavement] will improve pedestrian and cycling safety, and reduce vehicle noise.”

The pedestrian and cyclist route will also offer a safe alternative for families and people with mobility challenges to get to and from Brunswick Street.

“Mr Wootwood said the work would also see Brunswick Street transformed into an outdoor space for families to enjoy.”

As part and parcel of this project, we are proposing to turn Brunswick Street into an indoor shopping and dining area, a unique amenity that will create a vibrant new community hub,” he said.

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