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New York City’s construction industry is struggling to get its $15.4 billion project to pay for itself.

But that’s the result of the city’s massive concrete industry.

Now, with some help from a company called Concrete, builders in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island are being given the tools to get the city to pay up and get back to business as usual.

They can get the cement they need and pay off their bills in three months.

“It’s been a tough year,” said Chris Wren, vice president of the construction management company, Concrete Solutions.

Wren, along with his team, has been working on an “emergency concrete” plan for months to help rebuild the city after Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irma devastated the region.

Wrenching and frustrating timesThe city’s $15 billion concrete infrastructure was badly hit during the storm.

It’s not just a major disaster.

It has a significant impact on the local economy.

The city’s construction projects have suffered greatly, with workers having to go into shelters to make repairs.

The concrete industry is a key part of the economy, accounting for more than half of New York’s gross domestic product.

And, Conseccion says its now getting some help with its recovery from the storm and rebuilding efforts.

The company’s Concrete Flexible Concrete System, which is made from crushed concrete, was approved in March, and it is now being tested in New York.

Wren said the company is also making it available to anyone who needs it.

“You can go to your nearest Conseco store and pick up a Flexible concrete flooring kit,” Wren explained.

“That will last you two months.”

For most of the industry, that would mean a six-month supply of concrete.

But Wren says the company has received a lot of requests for more.

“The demand is out there,” he said.

The first order of business is for Concrete to get some cement in place, Wren added.

This means that workers can start digging, install concrete floors, start adding concrete to concrete walls and sidewalks and start building new homes.

Wreng said he expects the cement to be ready by next week.

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