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Brady, Belichick and company may have the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL draft, but the Patriots have already had their eye on their first-round pick.

So who is the top quarterback prospect in this year’s draft?

Here’s a look at three players who could go in the first round: 1.

Jake Browning (Oregon) Browning, the Oregon defensive end, is the only player in this draft class who played at a Division II level and is considered a prospect for the NFL.

The 6-foot-3, 252-pounder has a 4.38 40-yard dash, which is good for a four-star rating, and a 38.5 vertical jump, which ranks as the sixth-best in the country.

Browning’s stock may not be skyrocketing with scouts due to his size, but he’s a great athlete who has the potential to play in the NFL at some point.


Teddy Bridgewater (Minnesota) Bridgewater, the quarterback from Bridgewater State, is projected as the top overall prospect in the 2019 NFL draft.

He is a physical player who can throw the ball in the open field, and he’s shown flashes of being able to run the offense in college.

He has the size and athleticism to be an NFL quarterback, but his college play shows a lack of NFL-level athleticism.

Bridgewater’s stock is rising fast, and the Minnesota Vikings are taking a look into his tape.

Bridgewater has an explosive first step, good vision and can make quick decisions.


Blake Bortles (Clemson) Bortls, the offensive tackle from Jacksonville State, has been compared to Brady for a number of reasons.

He’s a raw prospect who has yet to make a Pro Bowl.

Bortlis has good size and strength, which he’ll need to add to his frame to play at the next level.

He also has the arm strength and quickness to be a reliable starter in the league.

He could be a top-five pick if he continues to work on his blocking and route-running.


Aaron Murray (Ohio State) Murray, the running back from Cincinnati, has a strong arm and a very good feel for the game.

He projects as a runner in the pros, but Murray has yet, to show a consistent run-blocking ability.

The former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns could be an elite prospect, but scouts will likely want to see him more in the next few years.


Jarrad Davis (Louisville) Davis, the defensive tackle from Georgia Tech, is considered one of the top defensive ends in the draft.

His athleticism and length give him a chance to be the best defensive player in the 2020 NFL draft class.

The Louisville defensive tackle could become a top player in a few years, and if he plays at a high level, scouts may look to draft him.


Sam Ehlinger (Western Kentucky) Ehlinger, the guard from Eastern Michigan, has the tools to be one of college football’s best guards.

He can play the power-based offense well and has the length and athleticism needed to be successful at the NFL level.

The Nebraska guard is one of three guards in the 2017 class who could be top-10 picks in the NBA draft, and that could make him a top prospect in 2019.


Ryan Nassib (New Mexico State) Nassib, the wide receiver from Northern Illinois, has impressed scouts.

He showed off his speed in his pro day, and scouts will be interested to see how his game develops as he matures.

The Southern Illinois receiver could develop into a top NFL receiver in the future.


Alex Garman (Cleveland State) Garman, the linebacker from the University of Houston, is a special talent.

He runs a great 40-yards dash, and has an athletic profile.

He was a first-team All-American in 2017.

He had the best combine performance of any linebacker in the 2016 draft class and could become an NFL prospect if he can stay healthy.


Tre’Davious White (South Carolina) White, the Texas defensive end from South Carolina, has an impressive body of work from the combine and is a versatile athlete.

He would be a first or second-round prospect in a lot of leagues if he were to continue his development.


Aaron Dobson (Wofford) Dobson, the cornerback from the Miami Hurricanes, is an athletic, instinctive cornerback who can play man or zone coverage.

He ran a 4-cone time of 4.49 seconds, which was the second-slowest in the combine.

Dobson has a good feel and will need to improve his route-reading and tackling, but Dobson is a player with upside.


Josh Rosen (Boston College) Rosen, the UCLA quarterback, has great size and has been one of several quarterbacks who have impressed scouts since his pro days.

Rosen is a big-bodied quarterback who is not afraid

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