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Posted June 08, 2018 06:03:49A new type of concrete is being introduced to Australia’s concrete landscape.

The new type is called concrete patio.

A concrete patio is a rectangular concrete slab with concrete edges.

It is often used to add a more natural feel to roadsides and walkways.

In a recent article, the ABC’s Ben Griffiths reported on a new concrete patio in New South Wales.

This concrete patio will make a lot of sense to the people of New South Welsh and will bring about an upgrade to their roadways.

It will have concrete walls that will be placed in the ground to create a sense of natural space, while still retaining a natural look.ABC News asked road safety experts and road building experts to weigh in on whether the concrete patio would be effective.ABC’s Ben Griffin: We’re talking about this being used on a regular basis for the first time in Australia, as a concrete patio?

A: Yes, this is very much a new technology that is being developed in Australia and I think the first use of this will be for residential properties in New England and Victoria.

But it will also be used for commercial use, and this is something that is in a lot more demand.

Ben Griffiths: Can you tell us a bit about the design and what makes this concrete patio different?A

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