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An Irishman and a German engineer have developed a concrete angel for a Dublin city that’s to be built on top of a new building that’s being built on the site of the former Royal Hospital, a former Dublin GP surgery.RTE understands the Angel, a concrete tower with an exterior of red concrete, is to be erected on the top of the newly-built Royal Hospital building, which will have an area of 786,000sq ft.

A concrete angel is one of the most expensive concrete projects ever built in the UK, costing £2.7 million.

The Angel is being developed by the Dublin firm of R&B Architecture, based in Dublin.

Its design, based on the principles of ‘solidity’, the foundation of a building, will be built of “bulk concrete”, according to the firm’s website.

It will be covered in concrete to make it stronger and to keep it cool.

Its main structure is the concrete base of a circular concrete block, which is then supported by four steel cables.

It’s likely to be ready to go for construction in the next two to three months, said the firm, which has been in talks with the Dublin City Council to develop the project.

It is also expected to have a capacity of up to 500 people.

A new Irish hospital in the area was completed in the 1970s, and is now undergoing major renovations.

The Angel will be the first concrete project to be constructed at the site.

Dublin City Council’s design director, Richard Darragh, said it would be “a landmark for Dublin’s city”.

“The Angel is one element of a larger programme of redevelopment and regeneration that is designed to bring more affordable housing to the city,” he said.

“The project will create new opportunities for businesses to expand and for local people to work, live and live in greater Dublin.”

Mr Darrach said the Angel was being developed as part of a wider regeneration plan, with the intention of generating new jobs and generating money for the city.

“We are hoping that the Angel will provide an economic boost to the entire region, creating jobs, growth and regeneration for the local community,” he added.

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